This is the only area of work for which a charge is made, though costs reflect the fact that BIA:NW is a subsidised organisation. BIA:NW’s work in this area takes several forms:


Bespoke to the needs of each organisation; this may involve devising and delivering training or away days or the production of a report.

The bespoke sessions are not always evaluated depending on the wishes of the commissioning organisation. However, whenever possible evaluation is carried out. A standard question is asked about the overall quality and effectiveness of the session.

Comments included:

  • Fantastic – one of the best training sessions ever attended – very relevant and informative.
  • An excellent delivery, nothing was too much trouble and Viv was knowledgeable and approachable.
  • Very knowledgeable – and putting it over in a way that was easy to understand and implement.
  • Dealt with all the key issues to enable committee to think more widely than previously.
  • An excellent plan, structure and delivery.

Results from 11 sessions, involving 70 people:

Excellent 45.5%
Very good 49.5%
Good 4%

Any organisation interested in this area of work should call BIA:NW to discuss their requirements.


The quality of the courses can be judged by the evaluation results.

Making the Most of Your Board

A one day course for chief executives or those with responsibility for serving a board. The course addresses the question, ‘What can you do to increase the effectiveness of your board?’

Ratings for the overall quality and effectiveness in the last 2 years have been:

Excellent 64%
Very good 27%
Good 9%

Recent attenders have said:

  • I wish I’d come to this sooner. This day should be essential for all CEOs / Directors.
  • Entertaining, informative, and authoritative but with a light touch. Plus a wealth of great materials to take away.
  • Very good. Viv covered the nuances and subtleties that are hard to get from other sources.
  • Inclusive, knowledgeable and gave time to debates that arose.
  • An excellent course, highly relevant and very well delivered.

The Role of the Chair

A one day course for the chairs of cultural organisations which provides a rare opportunity to meet other arts sector chairs.

Taking a practical approach, the course looks at different aspects of the role and highlights best practice.

Ratings for the overall quality and effectiveness in the last 2 years have been:


Excellent 69.5%
Very good 30.5%

Recent attenders have said:

  • It was fantastic!
  • I would recommend this course to any chairs of small businesses. Very useful.
  • What I learned on the course far exceeded my expectations.
  • Really enjoyed the session, well balanced approach, in a safe relaxed atmosphere.
  • Excellent case studies focussed the mind on particular issues. The flow of the course helped develop the entire process.

The Observers Guide to Boards

A course designed to help observers to understand how an effective board should operate.

Ratings for the overall quality and effectiveness have been:

Excellent 39%
Very good 43.5%
Good 17.5

Comments included:

  • Really enjoyed the way the whole course revolved around open discussion.
  • Fine, clear and flexible.
  • Really useful and detailed course backed by excellent support pack.
  • Trainer knew her stuff & dealt well with a barrage of questions while keeping the session moving.