Issues of confidentiality make it difficult to give detailed profiles of mentoring relationships, so instead here are a selection of comments from both mentees and mentors taken from either final report forms or award nomination forms. Where appropriate and permission has been granted, authorship is given.


I feel extremely lucky to have had Vony as my mentor; she has helped me enormously. I am also very appreciative of the mentoring programme and the work that Business in the Arts does to make sure that it runs as smoothly as it does.
Mentee working with Vony Gwillim of Coachworks. 2011

She helped me to become more focused and centred as a manager and generally to sharpen up my approach.
Bryan Sitch, Manchester Museum working with Diane Brown, consultant. 2010

Before working with Vony I felt completely overwhelmed by my workload and frustrated and exhausted by my role and working relationships. However Vony has re-invigorated my passion for the work I do and I now am fully engaged, inspired and enthusiastic about my role.
Mentee, Tate Liverpool working with Vony Gwillim of Coachworks. 2010

We were able to meet all the objectives we set, in particular developing and empowering the team I manage and identifying the next step in terms of career progression.
Malcolm Chapman, Manchester Museum working with Peter Thompson of Shape Consulting Ltd. 2010

As a result of mentoring I feel that I have become a more confident and effective member of staff. I feel I am able to positively effect change. Mike has inspired me to develop better ways of communicating with my line manager and other staff and enabled me to feel more confident about my abilities.
Pam Elliott, Manchester Cathedral working with Mike Faulkner, G&M Associates. 2010

Working with someone from a completely different industry brought a fresh perspective to my situation and gave me an external measure of my skills and capabilities. To have someone so skilled available to support me, challenge me and help me navigate my way helped me to feel valued at a time when my confidence was very low.
Mentee working with Philip Smith, consultant. 2010

I have never left a session without feeling that something about my leadership style has been improved or resolved.
Cath Coulthard, Prism Arts working with Mike Cambray, Learning Partnerships. 2010

On a personal level the mentoring helped me to understand my strengths building my confidence as a leader and encouraged me to take time to examine the strengths of the individuals in the team.... It helped me to recognise the strengths of the board members as allies, their contribution to the [name] service and the future of that service.
CEO working with Alan Dean of Alan Dean Business Consulting Limited. 2009

His insightful comments helped me to understand more about how I operate as a ‘leader’ and the impact that this has on those around me. Mike has inspired me with the confidence to try new ways of working and continue to steer Creative Futures through the currently challenging economic circumstances.
Margaret Riches, Creative Futures working with Mike Cambray, Learning Partnerships. 2009

While being mentored by Kate my organisation was going through a lot of transition at Executive level and I had a pivotal role in holding the fort. Through Kate’s mentoring I have a greater aptitude to manage up (line management), down (my team), across (as part of the Senior Management Team) and out (external relationships), and I have a greater self awareness.
Yvonne Foster, Contact Theatre working with Kate Jones of Inspired Lives. 2008

Working with Business in the Arts has been an immensely rewarding experience, one of real support and continued assistance through changing development of our organisation. In addition, the individual development and professional focus I have achieved through access to the Mentoring scheme has been invaluable – not only has this journey clarified my direction and forward career aspirations, but I have also been able to pass on skills and knowledge to my own clients to help them in theirs.
Kate Brundrett, The Cumbria Network working with Jane Moreland of Business Link. 2008

Ian has given me confidence in my ability to be a good manager.
Mentee, Tate Liverpool working with Ian Davies, consultant. 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed the meetings and feel renewed and reassured. Angela was great – no bullshit!
Sara-Jayne Parsons, Bluecoat working with Angela Anderson of Angle Solutions Ltd. 2008


[the mentoring has] shown to me that in dealing with people the principles which I have worked with in the Public and Private sectors are just as applicable in this sector.
Peter Thompson, Shape Consulting Limited. 2010

I have undoubtedly developed as a mentor through working with (name). I have been able to try out some of the tools and techniques suggested to me in my training and see them work successfully in practice.
Philip Smyth, late of PZ Cussons, now consultant. 2010

It fascinated me to learn a little about the very different world of working in museums. I learnt that my own experience in a number of sectors now makes me adaptable and flexible and allows me to mentor individuals in any role for help with their own personal and organisational development.
Diane Brown, late AstraZeneca, now consultant. 2010

I have also learned more about how to use simple management tools to better effect and how to manage silences and reflective periods in mentoring meetings. I will apply this learning to my work with clients and will feel more able to accommodate future management teams which are unusual or unique.
Mike Faulkner, G&M Associates. 2010

To coin a phrase, this mentoring relationship had the WOW factor!
Vony Gwillim, Coachworks. 2010

(I gained ... ) an education about real creativity and its management.
Ian Davies, consultant. 2008

In the work I do in the corporate world the more insight I gain in to as many and varied organisations and their cultures as possible, the better equipped I am to serve and support my clients. It has increased my awareness and educated me. Yvonne has willingly introduced me to her colleagues and invited me in to the behind the scenes world of Contact and the young people it serves and supports.
Kate Jones, Inspired Lives. 2008

This a very important initiative and is key to developing high potential individuals.
Pete Stevens, The Agile Group. 2008